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What traits and skills should you look for in an executor?

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2023 | Estate Planning

Planning for the future includes what you write in your will. After your death, you want someone to make sure you do not have remaining debts and that your beneficiaries get what you leave to them.

One way to help this happen is to choose an executor who you personally trust. By learning about what traits and strengths they should have, you can help yourself narrow down the list.

Direct and accurate when handling problems

According to Kiplinger, an executor needs to learn where and how to submit important paperwork to the courts. If this person does not take the steps needed for this process or ignores due dates, it can lead to legal complications.

This means that your executor should be someone who is good at organization and meeting deadlines. This person should be able to complete tasks like filing tax returns and giving any heirlooms to the right people.

Considerate and good with people

When your beneficiaries have questions or they become angry about a potential issue, your executor needs to discuss the matter in a polite and respectable way. This includes not favoring one family member over another. Being able to remain neutral and handle arguments between beneficiaries can help this person complete the overall process.


When the court does not respond right away or a beneficiary needs additional help, your executor should be able to stay calm. An executor who is patient when problems happen can handle these issues better.

Thinking about the role of executor and what it requires can help when you are unsure of who to pick.