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Estate planning is a proactive way to make your desires known regarding how you wish to provide for your loved ones and any potential medical situations. At Rockhill Pinnick LLP, in Warsaw, Indiana, our lawyers have helped clients with these complicated and sometimes emotional legal matters.

Benefits Of Estate Planning

Planning your estate gives you the luxury of ensuring no misunderstanding related to your assets or medical care. We have developed testamentary trusts and irrevocable living trusts for our clients. Drafting detailed medical directives for our clients that designate a health care representative to manage your medical treatment requests if you cannot communicate them.

Challenges Of Estate Administration

At Rockhill Pinnick LLP, we also provide estate administration services. Estate administration can be a complicated process requiring a personal representative or trustee to oversee the estate. From dealing with creditors and paying taxes, dealing with real estate and distributing property, estate administration calls for experienced attorneys’ assistance.

In addition to estate administrative fees, there could be additional fees if there is further legal action. Knowledgeable assistance in estate administration provides a vital service to family members. A difficult process will be handled more efficiently and effectively by a skilled lawyer.

To ensure a stable financial future for your family, proper estate planning is a necessity. Fellow attorneys have come to us for assistance with complicated cases involving estates and trusts. Our qualified attorneys can help. Rockhill Pinnick LLP has been helping our Indiana clients for over 100 years.

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