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Knowledgeable Guidance In Land Use And Zoning Issues

Whether it is your home, a second home or a vacation home, few people willingly accept any interference in the enjoyment of their personal properties. Most people consider retaining complete control over what is done with their properties as part of the definition of owning property.

Unfortunately, disputes between property owners occur, and government regulation can intervene to limit your ability to do with your property as you choose. When these situations occur, secure the counsel of experienced legal representation to defend your property rights.

At the Warsaw office of Rockhill Pinnick LLP, our land use attorneys have extensive experience aiding landowners as they face challenges to their ability to control what happens to their properties. With over 200 years of combined experience, our attorneys can successfully handle the most challenging of situations.

Effective Property Rights Protection

In our area, there are numerous residences and vacation homes on or near various lakes. Conflicts can arise between property owners and between property owners and different government agencies. These conflicts may be based on such issues as:

  • Border disputes
  • Easements
  • Rights of way
  • Access to property
  • Use issues (what you do on your land)
  • Riparian rights (water issues)
  • Water access for landlocked property

In addition to assisting residential property owners, our firm offers its ability and knowledge to commercial property holders embroiled in disputes with the Planning and Zoning Department or any other party.

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When you are faced with a challenge to your rights as a landowner, turn to a law firm with the experience to guide you through such a challenge. Rockhill Pinnick LLP, has been helping our Indiana clients for over 100 years.

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